The 2016 Panther Lap Run was a huge success. The Panthers along with their families, friends, teachers and support staff managed to raise a whopping $8,000.22. This is an amazing accomplishment and everyone should be really proud of themselves and their Panther Pride.

Every last cent of this money will be used to benefit David E. Norman Elementary. Great  job everyone.

The winners of the individual grade level pizes are:

Kindergarten: Everett Brown

1st Grade: Lola Drake

2nd Grade: Layla Armstrong

3rd Grade: Hayden Rivera

4th Grade: Jenna Wines

5th Grade: Kayson Ernest

Enjoy your new Plasma Cars.

The overall school high fundraiser was Kidd Ables from Mr. Hebert’s fifth grade class.

We hope you enjoy your new Hover Board. Great job Kidd.