By Nichole Baldwin 

On behalf of The City/County Recycling Committee

Do you enjoy a cold one after a long day’s work? Or how about a tasty soda to quench your thirst? Whether it be fat beer or light beer, full sugar soda or diet, ginger ale, pale ale, or sparkling water, you could be throwing away extra income by throwing those aluminum cans in the trash can instead of the recycle bin.  Aluminum cans are infinitely recyclable and can be recycled over and over to eliminate waste and reuse material.   Americans throw away approximately 36 billion aluminum cans annually. If they were recycled instead, they would hold a value of around $600 million.  Manufacturers use 95% less energy when making cans from recycled material as opposed to virgin ore.  Aluminum takes anywhere from 200 to 500 years to decompose, but when recycled, a can can be back on the shelf in as few as 90 days!  J&M Trucking currently pays $.10/lb for cans if you have over 40 pounds and $.05/lb if you have less than 40 pounds.  With roughly 32 cans in a pound, you’ll be raking in the bucks in no time and the best part is that you’re doing your part in extending the life of the landfill, preserving our precious county, and reducing your waste. Our schools, scouting programs, and charities may also accept cans to benefit their programs, so please don’t throw them away.  In this case, your trash can be turned into treasure. Every little bit helps.