A bag made out of plastic bags, monsters from old tin cans, a giant dragon fly from assorted junk iron, wind chimes, flip flops made from used yoga mats, that was only a small portion of the creativity that could be seen at the “Recycled Art Show”.  The judges for the event were members of the City’s Recycling Committee, Nicole Baldwin, Joylene Gardner and Bruce Setterstrom.  The Event was well attended by the public  and most were astonished by what creation could come out of  household garbage.  The Art Show was so successful that the City will hold it again to bring attention the our “throw-away society” and bring to mind the importance of recycling, not only is it good for our environment but it will prolong the life of our landfill.

Following are the winners:

Karen Wines 3rd grade class project, Recycled Running Rita, Korbin Lucientes 2nd place, Deer Picture out of folded magazines Pieces.

Mat Thompson, Flag from License plates, aluminum casting – Nicco Montoya 1st Place $50, Kenna Van Camp Duck from old shovel and Junk, 1st Place $25, Caydence Zehr, 2nd Place $15 wind chime and seed cakes, Iron Horse Janet Van Camp 1st Place $100 Adult Division, Carol Draton 2nd Place Adult $50- Bag from plastic bags, 1st Place Class Project $100 , Mrs. Tokerud’s 1st Grade Class flip flops from old yoga mats, 2nd place $50- Mrs. Sedlack 2nd Grade- Recycled Caterpillar/butterfly Habitats, Mayor’s Cholice, “The Stratosphere” $15 each, Rylan Garcia, Tucker Maestes, Hayden Rivera and Dylan Cessford.

5-20 Recycle4

5-20 Recycle3

5-20 Recycle1