To the Editor:

There was an unnecessary verbal attack on a citizen of the city of Ely during the open comment section of the city council meeting held on May 26. The request made by myself, a citizen and member of the board of the Ely City Corral Association, was to table the decision on the location of the proposed dog park until the council had the opportunity to hear and see the proposed plan which would improve  and develop the the Ely city corral area.

Councilman Bruce Setterstrom interrupted my three minute speech with insulting and belittling comments, which included half-truths concerning the city council hearing a complaint from the Corral Board from several years ago about young adults who were lessees at the time, whom were disrupting the serenity and security of the whole facility by stealing, breaking and entering, and defacing buildings, which included the the announcement stand at the city of Ely’s public arena

Then he went on to devalue my project that he had not even had the privilege to hear or see. Then he continued his rampage by mockery of the suggestion that a Southern Nevada Public Lands Management Act Parks and National Areas Grant (SNPLAMA) would be worthless when I mentioned it for the funding for the dog park. He deemed the grant useless because it would take too long for the grant board to review and reward if considered.

Does he really have the needs of visitors and the citizens of Ely and their animal’s best interest at hear? And does he even care about how he is perceived? Or could it be he feels the need to be done with the dog park project this year to add it to his long list of accomplishments while serving his last year as a councilman, and would the dog park he is suggesting be of the quality the city of Ely desires?

Then he went on to challenge me by asking if I had followed procedure concerning applying for a grant on behalf of the city. I told him I was just getting started and had been working with my representatives, liaison Councilwoman Pat Robison supporting the city dog pound and Ely city corrals.

Everyone seated at the council table minus Councilwoman Pat Robinson, who tried to stop his rude behavior, did nothing and said nothing throughout the presentation. I feel this is a disgrace for the mayor and city manager and the rest of the council to allow such ignorance. And all I needed from the council was a yes or a no. I am asking the voting community is this, the kind of leadership we want for our unique community?

Signed: A passionate, proactive citizen of the City of Ely and proud to live in

White Pine County!

Janet M. Criner