Obit-VandemarkBob Vandemark passed away on April 27, 2016 at 54 years young. He passed in his home peacefully, surrounded by his devoted wife and his kids.

Bob was proud to be a part of the “Little Green Guys” Club,  a small circle of folks helping worthy folks in need of splitting wood, a roof job, or someone needing a fridge in their  home because theirs had gone out. These guys volunteered their time, labor and even supplied all the items needed, all free of charge.

Bob was  known to most as the “fix-it” guy. He was grumpy most times, but if you knew  him, you knew the special goodness that made up Bob. His grump-like characteristics were only him hiding behind a world that developed too fast and he couldn’t keep up with it sometimes. So he pretended to be grumpy.

Bob is survived by his wife, Patricia “Patti”, his step-children, Charles White and Katilyn White; his father, Ronald, mother, Charlotte; brother, Gary (Susan), and a sister, Theresa “Terry” (Albert) Harvey.

Bob’s untimely passing leaves a huge emptiness in his family. He will be ”universally” missed by his wife and kids.

“We Love You Bob.”