By Marty Bachman

White Pine County Commissioners voted unanimously last Wednesday, to proffer a three-month consulting contract to former fire chief Brett Waters, who resigned effective May 31 of this year.

The contract calls for Waters to receive $50 an hour for 25 hours a month; up to 75 hours total for the term of the contract. Waters will also receive $25 an hour in travel time, up to 48 hours for the term of the contract, for a maximum total (consulting and travel) of $4,950.

Waters’ contract states that he will assist in the recruitment and hiring of a new fire chief; assist in projects pending before the fire protection district; consult with any interim fire chief and/or liaison regarding operations of the district; and serve as the point of contact for the district fire commissioners regarding developments and progress of the district’s feasibility study.

“This is common practice, when we need to keep them on for their expertise during the transition period,” said White Pine County Commissioner Richard Howe.

“When did we last do that?” asked Commissioner Mike Coster.

Howe said that it happens often in private industry and that he was just trying to make it clear to the public that what the county is doing, using Water’s experience, is accepted business convention.

Discussion held as to how Waters would be paid was worked out by the commissioners, and District Attorney Mike Wheable was dispatched to re-write the final draft with the board’s changes. The contract takes effect as soon as it is signed.

The commission voted 5-0 to accept Waters’ resignation at their May 25 meeting and appointed volunteer firefighter William Ward as the interim replacement, citing his support from the troops he was about to command.