By Marty Bachman

The Ely City Council is moving forward in their quest to operate a recycling center at the city landfill. City administrator Bob Switzer presented a plan as to the placement of the recycling center at the landfill at the council meeting on June 9.

Switzer estimated the cost of the center at $50,000, an amount already allocated by the council when approving their 2017 budget.

The crude drawing shows an area designated for cardboard, another for plastic and another area for a pair of shipping containers to store other recyclables. The recycling area will be fitted with concrete pads that Switzer said county maintenance will donate 240 man hours to level and install. The building will have one common wall in the middle. He said that other costs will include bringing power to the facility, which will also fit within the $50,000 budget.

Ely Mayor Melody VanCamp said that the city has been working aggressively to keep costs under control and that they were hoping that when the recycling program was underway, costs will be reduced even further.

Switzer said that the prison was bringing in a lot of trash, including over three million pounds of cardboard since their opening. He said, also, that dirt generated at the landfill was being used to expand the cemetery area.

As the discussion concluded, the council voted 4-0 to approve the recycling plan with Council member Bruce Setterstrom absent from the meeting.

The council then discussed the recycling of bicycles at the facility, a project endorsed by VanCamp, who said we live in a wasteful and throwaway society and oftentimes people dump “nicely used” bicycles on the junk pile.

She said she had received information on a program where they can send the bikes to Reno where they’ll be fixed up and sent back. She also said she was in touch with a local truck driver that will haul the bikes to Reno and back.

She said it would build good relationships if the city give the bikes away free to someone who needs them.

“I’d welcome setting aside a spot at the landfill to sort the bicycles and not throw them out,” she said.