boatrace1The great Bathtub races were held on June 25 at Cave Lake State Park. Following are the results of the races. 

Non-Motorized – one person

1st Hillbilly Deluxe 3:49

2nd Pirate’s Contraband 4:55

3rd Bare Naked 6:01


Non- Motorized Men’s Team

1st Red Solo Cup 3:32

2nd Hillbilly Deluxe 3:33

3rd Rerun 4:11


Non-Motorized Women’s Team

1st Hillbilly Deluxe 3:11

2nd Red Solo Cup 5:14

3rd Bare Naked 6:02


Non-Motorized Mixed Team

1st Red Solo Cup 3:09

2nd Hillbilly Deluxe 4:00

3rd Rerun 4:16


Motorized one person

1st Pirate’s  Contraband  18:00


Kayak Races

1st Jay Carvigal 1:58

2nd Chyler Cooper 2:10


Canoe Races

1st Rusty Lewis/ Alex Ruesch 2:28:25

2nd Casey Leach/ Javas Leach 2:48:54

3rd Jonathon Rice/Derek Boyd 2:49:00

The winner of the Duck Race was Christy Rice with duck #018