To the Editor:

Why can’t the City and County get along? Well, the truth is we do get along on some joint projects. The County provides police service to the City. This agreement was not easy to work out. In fact, both parties had to go to Mediation. We do share Building and Planning department personnel and services. The Road Departments work together on projects and recently we joined together in a Recycling Project. So what is going on with Fire and Ambulance Services? If you look back since the formation of the Fire District, there has always been a stressed relationship between the City and County Fire and Ambulances Services. Ambulance Services separated around 2010 by the City. The only manner in which the City of Ely wants to work together for the good of all the citizens, is if they are paid at least $6,000/month for an occasional call for assistance.

The simple answer is the County does not need the City’s help on a routine basis. Over the past eight years the County Commission and Fire Commission have built a First Class Fire/EMS operation. I say the County and Fire Commission built the Fire and EMS operation but in reality, it was the hard work of the Volunteers and Paid Staff of these organizations that need the credit! The hard work has paid off in lowering the ISO (Insurance Services Office) rating for all residents in the County, including the area south of the City of Ely and providing a minimum of 2 people on duty 24 hours a day at County Fire Station 1.

The County Commission’s number one priority is the safety of all the residents in White Pine County. That is why we have tried on numerous occasions to work out a mutual aid agreement with the City, so that the Fire District and Fire Department could work together. What gets in the way? It is simply money. The City Council is demanding that the County pay a minimum of $6000 a month for Fire/EMS support. Six months ago the W.P. Fire District and County agreed to pay the $6000 a month, ending June 30th, to give us time to work out an agreement. Early on it was apparent that the City Council was looking for compensation instead of just doing the right thing, being a good neighbor. In fact, the City Council stated in a public meeting, “NO MONEY, NO RESPONSE”. Does that sound like a good neighbor policy? The City Council also provided incorrect information to the residents South of town stating that their “House would burn and children would die” do to the lack of response from the County. This is not true. The County Fire and EMS organizations have been providing service to this area for years and will continue to do so. In fact, with the 24 hour staffing model the County Fire and EMS departments use, our response time to these areas beats the City when the City is just down the road.

Both the City and County have tight budgets. For the City Council to ask for $6000.00 a month minimum from the Fire/EMS Departments is a drain to those budgets that it cannot afford and as I mentioned before is not necessary to provide first rate Fire and EMS service.

The whole idea of a mutual aid agreement is to make each party stronger. Mutual Aid nationally is typically always provided for a period of time without compensation. The White Pine County Fire District has mutual aid agreements with Eureka County, Lincoln County, BLM, and Forest Service.  The first 24 Hours are free. The County and the City should just sign a mutual aid agreement and get out of the way of the City of Ely Fire Department and White Pine County Fire/EMS Departments, and let them do their jobs. They will both be stronger and the residents will get even better service then they are receiving now if the politics, misinformation and bullying for funds from the County to the City stops.


Gary Perea, Chairman

White County Board 

of Commissioner

To Whom It May Concern:

If you or your business are involved in the Tourism Industry in any way, you need to be aware of a very important meeting that will be held on July 11, 2016 at the Ely Volunteer Fire Hall located at 499 Mill St, Ely NV at 5:15 p.m.

The White Pine Historical Railroad Management Board (Management Board), responsible for the day-to-day operations of the railroad and raising at least $1,000,000.00 in grants and donations each year, will be meeting with the White Pine Historical Railroad Board of Trustees (Board of Trustees).  The Management Board is currently comprised of 5 members, all nominated by the Mayor of the City of Ely and confirmed by the Board of Trustees.  The Board of Trustees is comprised of the 5 members of the Ely City Council.

These two Boards have been in discussions for several weeks to develop new Articles of Incorporation,  Bylaws, and a Development Agreement.  The general purpose of these documents is to clarify responsibilities and eliminate tension that has existed between the two boards.  The existing documents are decades old and need to be updated to support the significant changes in the operations of the railroad since the original documents were drafted over 30 years ago.

If these documents are not agreed upon by these boards, there is a possibility of significant changes to the way the Railroad is currently operating.  We feel this will be very detrimental to the Railroad and Tourism in general for White Pine County.  The number of tourists that come to White Pine County annually to ride the train and visit the museum is huge.  Building the Railroad to the operation it is now has taken many, many years of hard work.

If you want to see the Railroad continue to operate, with the Halloween Train, the Polar Express, the Italian Train, the Fireworks Train and all of the regular runs, it is very important that you attend the meeting and offer your support of the new agreements between the Boards.

White Pine County Tourism has come a long way in the past thirty years and the Railroad has been a major player in that improvement.

Please show your support of the changes and ATTEND THIS VERY IMPORTANT MEETING on JULY 11, 2016.  Let’s let the Board of Trustee know we support the recommendations of the MANAGEMENT BOARD.


Lorraine M. Clark 

To the Editor:

I am writing a biography of my Great Uncle Bill Petersen, AKA Wilmot Petersen. He was born 1898 and lived all over Nevada. He lived a very colorful life and I would like to confirm some of his stories for the family.

I need your help in finding out information. I show he lived in the following towns: Ely, Ruth, McGill, Lund, Preston, Eureka, Austin, Tonopah, Fallon, Kimberly, and Elko, to name a few. His brothers were Slim and Hap and Andy Petersen, his children were Bill Jr., and Martin. Nephews were Van and Rex Petersen. His acquaintances and friends were Paul Ryan, Albert Gee, Don Wilson, Mamie Bassett, Carl Matson, the Oxborrows, Orson Lee, Frank Donahoe, Frank Moore, Neil Gardner, Jim Benson, Joe Ferguson, Allan Maliski, Eddy Hensler, Charley Austerland, Bill Jensen, Bob Hamilton, George Hayden, Ezra Funk, Bill Carboneli, Harvey Sewell (Reno), Tom, Ed, George and Mary McQueen to name a few.

Uncle Bill worked on and owned ranches all over the state, namely: Reardons, Gardners, White River, Gublers, Georgetown, Cummins, Hermansons, Brush Creek, Funeral, Cobry’s, Duckwater, Lost River, Mill Canyon, Railroad Valley, Smokey Valley, etc.

I’m sure all the people named above are deceased, but maybe a story was handed down or a memory jogged. If anyone is familiar with any of these people, places, or things connecting to my Uncle Bill, please contact me ASAP.

Marion Petersen Koedyker