T7-8 Fire Depthe city of Ely Fire Department and the Ely Volunteer Fire Department announced the ambulances servicing the city has been approved by the state of Nevada, Emergency Medical Services as advanced life support.

According to fire officials, it has been a long eight-month process to upgrade local service response from basic to advanced. Over the past few months, volunteer firefighter/EMT’s have diligently trained on new equipment and protocols assisting their efforts in the delivery of emergency services to the community.

This new equipment allows Ely firefighter/EMT’s to utilize identical equipment, regardless of which ambulance they respond in.

They have been able to update their response “jump” bags through a standardized approach which increases their ability to provide faster patient survey

As of June 27, city ambulance service began transporting the sick and injured, with the ability to provide advanced life-saving skills such as: advanced airway control, medication administration for breathing difficulties, allergic reactions, diabetic emergencies, and chest pain.

This higher level of care also allows for the delivery IV therapy when traumatic injury occurs.

The photo (right) depicts spinal care bags, EMT response bags, AEMT response bags, and a new Philips MRX heartstart defibrillator. These are invaluable pieces of equipment that allow emergency personnel to understand and treat medical and trauma issues outside the hospital setting.

The Ely Volunteer Fire Department welcomes the community to stop in and see their ambulances and equipment. Pictured left to right, back row: Pat Stork, Jim Alworth, Ross Rivera. Front row: April Bath, William Botelho, Donna Hansen and Marian O’Donnell.