7-15 Book SigningWhite Pine County Library will be holding a book signing with local author Gretchen Baker, aka C.A. Cox, who has just released her new book, “An Un-Conventional Murder”.

In this story, Dr. Elena Jackson, cave biologist, is attending the National Speleological Society Convention in Ely, Nev. with her young son when she stumbles across a body in the homemade hot tub at the convention campground. Her twin sister, Maribel, is accused of murder. As Elena winds her way through cave passages and convention events, she tries to clear her sister’s name. She discovers that the deceased left quite a trail of jilted lovers, debts, and ill will, meaning no shortage of suspects.

The convention is only one week long — will she be able to find the real killer before all the suspects flee to far parts of the country?

Gretchen also has other books that she has donated to the library.