To the Editor:

This letter is in regards to the local Animal Control Officer, Bobby Armijo. He is an asset to the community of White Pine County. His professionalism was exceptional in handling a difficult situation that my family and I encountered. We would like to express our gratitude toward him for an excellent job. We thank you. Keep up the good work.

Eric Cato & Family


To the Editor:

The city council intends to more thandouble our corral lease prices without adequate notice. City council intends to raise the fee five times in the next few years leaving corral lessees holding the bag to increase the general fund. None of these increases will go to improvements concerning the corrals.  The money goes directly into the general fund for the council to do with what they see fit, not for corral improvements or corral public areas (arena, round pen, restrooms, arena maintenance including arena ligthing). The lessees were given a two day notice on the proposed Aug. 1 lessee increase. Not adequate time to represent us lessees.

Dear citizens of Ely; be advised the city council is voting on a raise to the lessees for five times the amount without proper notice. The Ely City Corrals has been a major part of the history of Ely — learning responsibility, hard work, and a great up bringing. We just need to table this for now, so please, anyone who can come support us, please come Thursday at the City Fire Hall at 4:45 p.m.

Thank you so much for the support.


Billie Sue Heckethorn

Cory Bliss

Abby Bliss

Jenny Trice

Alan & Marcy Anderson

Amanda Hyman

Note: The contact information was left off in last week’s edition. We are re-running this letter for that reason.

To the Editor:

I am writing a biography of my Great Uncle Bill Petersen, akaWilmot Petersen. He was born 1898 and lived all over Nevada. He lived a very colorful life and I would like to confirm some of his stories for the family.

I need your help in finding out information. I show he lived in the following towns: Ely, Ruth, McGill, Lund, Preston, Eureka, Austin, Tonopah, Fallon, Kimberly, and Elko, to name a few. His brothers were Slim and Hap and Andy Petersen. His children were Bill Jr., and Martin. Nephews were Van and Rex Petersen. His acquaintances and friends were Paul Ryan, Albert Gee, Don Wilson, Mamie Bassett, Carl Matson, the Oxborrows, Orson Lee, Frank Donahoe, Frank Moore, Neil Gardner, Jim Benson, Joe Ferguson, Allan Maliski, Eddy Hensler, Charley Austerland, Bill Jensen, Bob Hamilton, George Hayden, Ezra Funk, Bill Carboneli, Harvey Sewell (Reno), Tom, Ed, George and Mary McQueen to name a few.

Uncle Bill worked on and owned ranches all over the state, namely: Reardons, Gardners, White River, Gublers, Georgetown, Cummins, Hermansons, Brush Creek, Funeral, Cobry’s, Duckwater, Lost River, Mill Canyon, Railroad Valley, Smokey Valley, etc.

I’m sure all the people named above are deceased, but maybe a story was handed down or a memory jogged. If anyone is familiar with any of these people, places, or things connecting to my Uncle Bill, please contact me ASAP.

Marion Petersen Koedyker