Phone2A T & T has petitioned the Nevada Public Utilities Commission (P. U. C.) for relief from its designation as being the “Provider of Last Resort” in our rural areas. You can see the areas affected on page 10 of the 262-page document filed by A T & T.  White Pine County is affected by this petition. The website is shown at the bottom of this page.

Their petition states that two wireless carriers provide adequate service and are available for all consumers. So therefore they do not need to provide land lines for consumers (includes businesses).

We are asking that you fill out the form located at or call the White Pine County Community and Economic Development office at 775-293-6592 so that we can present this information to the P. U. C. when they consider A T & T’s application on August 2, 2016

Please add any comments that you wish to be included. This could range from the cost of buying a cell phone and wireless service, need of a land line for businesses, unreliability of the cell service, 911 calls, and anything else you wish to add. Use an additional sheet if needed.   Thank you.

You can view the A T &T filing at: