Shardwarestoreouth Fork Hardware store, which recently opened at 1201 Great Basin Highway in Ely, has something for everyone when it comes to taking care of the home or the yard.

Managed by Ruben Gonzales, formerly of V&S True Value, which recently shuttered it’s doors, the store is stocked with more than just hardware. Whatever it is you need, if it’s not in the store, Gonzales will try his best to get it for you. In addition to the everyday items you would find in a hardware store, Gonzales has added a diverse offering that includes dog food and dog supplies, vacuum cleaners, wood pellets for wood stoves and copy paper… and he plans to add even more.

Photo by Marty Bachman  Ruben Gonzales manages the new South Fork Hardware store on Great Basin Hwy.

Photo by Marty Bachman
Ruben Gonzales manages the new South Fork Hardware store on Great Basin Hwy.

Need to paint the house? There’s a large selection of Valspar Paint and a choice of brushes, rollers, pans and trays. While you’re there, grab yourself a tarp in the color of your choice to keep the floor from catching drips.

Are you working out in the yard this weekend? There are a variety of rakes, shovels, brooms, hoses, plant food, bug killers, ladders, hatchets, axes, chainsaws, weed eaters and line. Add a sprinkler system to your yard, put in a drip line or buy some trimmers and shape your bushes. Add some mulch, fertilizer or seed to your lawn to make it the greenest one on the block and buy a quality wheelbarrow to transport all your dirt and gardening wares.

Get yourself a pair of rubber boots for those murky projects or a bicycle helmet if you’re going for a ride.

Need to tie something down? There’s miles of rope of every grade and variety available and vinyl tie downs to keep a load safe in the back of your truck. There’s plenty of glue products, adhesives and tape to choose from if you need something to stick.

If the weather’s too hot, cool down with a new fan, as they have many to select from. Need some light? Pick up some new bulbs, a new lamp, flashlight or some outside solar beacons. They carry just about every kind of battery available, as well.

Smoke and carbon detectors, extension cords, wire, adaptors, light switches and cord outlets fill the shelves. Every kind of nut, screw, nail, bolt, washer or fastener can be found at the back of the store, and for those bolts that just won’t come loose, maybe grab some WD-40.

Don’t forget to pick up a garbage can for the outdoors, kitchen or bathroom, then get yourself a mop, broom, pail and bucket.

Add a new faucet to your kitchen or bathroom, a new shower head, or get yourself a curtain rod and brackets so you can hang drapes around the house. Change the filter on your home air conditioner, or seal the cracks in your asphalt driveway or on your leaky roof. Need a sign to keep people off of your lawn or to let everyone know your house is for sale? Need to put your address up on your house so the mailman can find you? There’s signs of all kinds to be found at South Fork.

Pick up a cooler or ice chest to store your beer and soda, long forks, spatulas and other supplies for having a BBQ, propane stoves for camping or a pump for your air mattress.

Need to wash your car? Grab some soap, wax, chrome cleaner, tire cleaner, polishes of all types and some rags and sponges to make your vehicle shine like new. Get a spare key made while you’re there, too.

They carry power tools, hand tools, plumbing and electrical supplies, high end gloves, even chimes for when the wind blows — and an entire display of beef jerky for the hardworking men and women who need protein.

“We have a little of everything,” Gonzales said. “If you need something, come in and we’ll try and accommodate you.”

South Fork Hardware store is owned by Cam Sidwell, who was passing through Ely one day, noticed that the True Value was closing, and decided to open another store to add to his collection of 18 hardware stores spread throughout Utah, Nevada and Idaho.

Aside from Gonzales, the store is manned by Joe Grapes and Pam Caldwell, who stay busy assisting customers and ringing them out at the cash register.

“We have everything but wood paneling,” Gonzales said, noting that it’s getting harder and harder to find wood paneling these days. “We cater to everybody. If you need it and we have it, great.”

South Fork Hardware is open from 8-6, Monday through Saturday and 11-4 on Sunday.