Dear Ely Daily Times,

My name is Corbi. I am nine-years-old. I live in Dimond Vally with my dad, mom, sister.

I am writing to you about Mr. N. Mr. N. is a steer I am raising to sell at the fair. He is big and fat and probably delicious.

The show is on August 12th and the sale is at 1 pm. on August 13th in front of the grandstands. If you want to buy delicious Mr. N, please attend.

Thank you so much.

Corbi B.

To the Editor:

We would like to thank our neighbor Tom Clayton, for looking out for us on the morning of July 5, 2016. If he wouldn’t have took the time to see why our dogs were barking and call the county sheriff when he saw someone suspicious at our home. We would like to also thank the deputy and detective for catching this person and retrieving all our property promptly. What a great job they did with our neighbor.


Javier & Helga Llona