There are things that make us so special, I’d bet we each have enough in our lives to fuel the next hit sitcom on TV. For instance,  my nose runs in the morning, his runs at dinner time. Okay, that alone might need some work to be a hit.

Or, I have a friend, (seriously a friend — not me) a friend that loves to cook but nobody has the nerve to tell her she can’t even boil water. Another acquaintance is such a good cook she can even make her own chorizos. Now that is friend to always keep close. Yum.

Pretty sure we can all come up with people in our lives that we like because of and in spite of the specialness in them. The saying goes that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. That is why I use the face lotion/goop I use. A friend who has great skin uses it and thinking I could keep a bit of the elasticity on my desert dry cheeks, I flattered her one day until she gave up her secret and I have been buying and slathering on that emulsion for years now. I’m still waiting for the magic of the cream to kick in. I have come to the conclusion that it must be in the genes though. I have aged and she still looks youthful. Dang me!

We all know that our lives differ. One likes to cook, one likes to sew, one likes to weld, one likes to mow. Being open to grasping that brass ring and trying something you see in someone else’s life though, that is where the fun comes in. For instance — Say someone tells you to “Get a life.” What life would you grasp for? Someone rich? Famous? Good lookin’? Those seem a bit shallow.

How about somebody smart. Smart enough to figure out how to turn water into wine. No wait, I do believe someone bigger than me already did that. I often thought that I might like to be too thin and too rich. Then I met a few who were a bit too thin and a few more too rich and all they every worried about was what to eat and wear or who was after their riches.  Life is too short for all that.

So choosing a life could be harder than you think it would be. Actors seem to have the market corralled on having many lives. Of course, at the end of the day they still have to go home and look in the mirror and see their real selves. You have to make friends with your mirror, it always tells the truth. Dang me again!

How about if when someone walked up and said to you, “Get a life,” you suddenly became very athletic? Maybe suddenly a Fitbit appeared on your wrist. I admire the fit bit-ers. Wearing an electronic doo dah on your wrist that tells you nearly everything about your body’s functions — or lack thereof. Food in, food out, runs taken, runs that need to be taken, to sleep or not to sleep, a real piece of human engineering… Pushing yourself to go a “bit” more each day, out doing your yesterday.  WOW!

I, however, sometimes have a bugger of a time just trying to have enough gusto to take the wash out of the washer and put it into the dryer before it has been there so long it acquires a certain odor and needs to be rewashed again, thus causing a backup of dirty clothes in what seems to be a bottomless hamper. You know of what I speak huh?

I recently watched the movie The Right Stuff and although I don’t believe I would be good astronaut material, (did you see all the stuff those guys were put through?), I love to fly. My other half, the pilot in our family, has told me a bit about piloting a plane. I think I could do that. Maybe that is the life for me. No.

Upon further contemplation, even though I love to fly, my true passion would be to fly without a plane. Like a bird. Alas, I do not have the right stuff to fly like our feathered friends — or the desire to eat worms and moths, or to have eggs fall out of my-uh-body. I kinda like the life I have. Warts and all as the saying goes.

Changes are always on the horizon. As Ratatouille said, “The only predictable thing about life is its unpredictability.”  I’m taking a chance here and predicting that you will sometime today give thought to your action packed, rat race paced, fun loving, brass ring grabbing life — and give into a satisfied smile. I’m with ya.

Trina lives in Eureka, Nevada. Her book ITY BITS can be found on Kindle.  Share with her at