The White Pine High School Bobcat football team has an away non-conference game at Mountain View Christian in Las Vegas on Saturday. Game time is 1 p.m.

This will be the team’s second game of the season, after a 21-8 loss to Lake Mead Academy in Henderson last Friday.

Coach Ewell Quinn said “nervousness” was a big reason for the team’s loss but he was confident that the first game jitters were forever gone and that from here on out, the team was going to play its brand of football.

“I’m hoping to have a team that can go into the post season,” he said. “That’s our goal and we have a good chance of making it.”

Quinn said that a primary concern was the offense’s failure to finish drives.

“We should have had two touchdowns by the end of the first half,” he said.

He said that he was counting on his seniors, quarterback Monty Moore, running back Dakota Barela and Taverick Birmingham, to move the ball downfield in the coming weeks and put points on the board.

“We have a lot of potential in the backfield,” Quinn said.

Quinn said that while the defense played a good first half, they have to get better at playing the second half.

“We lost some key linemen from last year but I expect the seniors to step it up,” he said.

Quinn said that the focus of the game with Lake Mead was to stick with their own game plan, but that the team ended up more focused on not making mistakes.

“We need to come out and play our own game and not worry about messing up,” Quinn said. “We need to play a hard game, know we’re were better than the other team and then play like it.”

Against Mt. View this weekend, Quinn said he didn’t really know what to expect, though they planned to play against the same offense Mt. View used against them last year.

“We’ll game plan for it and hopefully they’ll have the same staff and coach,” he said. “Our goal is to take it to the post season, something I believe we can do, then hopefully state.”