To the Editor:

Fuzzy. Question 1 is written with its usual vague language which seems to be the style these days.

Most of us have read some law regulation or rule that has that “What does it mean?”

This, in my opinion, is done on purpose – so later they can re-interpret to their liking.

Question 1 is best looked on as a summary of what is to come; which means the courts will decide the law. Vote NO on Question 1.

Mel Miller


Dear Editor,

We would like to express our Thanks to the many people who donated to the Memorial Garden at St. Bartholomew Episcopal Church in Ely, Nevada on behalf of our Wife, Mother and Friend.  The thousands of dollars received from your generous donations provided additional funding that was needed to build the Memorial Garden as well as the beautiful memorial for Judy Norcross.

Judy was an active member of St. Bartholomew since the day she moved back to Ely from Reno.  Not only was she a member of the congregation Judy was involved in almost all aspects of the churches functions.  She served on the Vestry, was a Convention Delegate and Volunteered endlessly, with coffee hour, the bazaar, meals to families in need – You name it she either organized it or helped with it.  The church was her life.  She was married at St. Bartholomew, her children were baptized St. Bartholomew and her grandchildren were baptized at St. Bartholomew.  Therefore, it only seem fitting that her legacy remain at St. Bartholomew.

This past August, 2016, two men, Jerry Piccininni and Tom Bath made the decision to remove the beautiful memorial that has been in place for less then five years and relocate it next to the trash hidden along side the building.  For those of us who knew of the dedication and love that Judy had for the church we feel that the relocation of the memorial is a compassionless, disrespectful, insensitive and unnecessary act decided by two individuals.   The memorial was put in place owned by the church thru donations to honor our loving wife mother grandmother and friend.

We are asking our friends and family who knew Judy and her love for the church or made a donation or her behalf to please send your concerns requesting the memorial be returned to its original spot in the churches Memorial Garden.  You can send a letter to the local congregation or to the Nevada Episcopal Diocese.

Nevada Episcopal Diocese

9480 South Eastern Ave., #236

Las Vegas, Nevada 891123

St. Bartholomew Episcopal Church

Attn: Red

207 West 7th Street

Ely, Nevada 89301

Thank you,

Jack Norcross, Linda Norcross,

Maddox Jackson, Tami Norcross, Eddie Dossey, Mason Jackson, Darren

Norcross, Ryan Bernard, Jack Bernard, Megan Norcross-Jackson, Sierra Bernard, Larry Bernard, Makenna Bernard