There are probably over a hundred adjectives to use in describing people. Of course I think first of happy. Who doesn’t like to know happy people? People can be sullen, encouraging, maddening, funny, i.e., me — I hope! But recently I got to thinking about who the most colorful person I have ever met was or is.

The list was longer than there are colors on the color wheel. Both knowing and hearing about colorful people should bring smiles to your lips.

For instance, and in no particular order, we know a colorful guy who is a cowboy and has been all his life. He loves horses and all that goes along with being a horseman. But in the 1960s, when the hippie craze appeared, he got a burr under his saddle when he saw long hair on a guy, known at that time as a hippie.

This bothered him so much that he would take opportunities to rope any strays, grab the hippie beads the odd creatures were wearing and made a collection of the strings.

Of course it was all done as a colorful action packed event. Colorful people are not mean people. They are just, well, fun loving.

A woman that has walked through my life never thought that keeping a lid on her vocabulary was something she needed to do. I lamented to her once that I was tired of people asking me when I was going to have children. I need to tone this down a bit but you will get the between the lines meaning I am sure. She said to me to look them right in the eye and say, “None of your %^&* business!”

She has a way of getting right to the heart of the matter and would be there each and every time I needed a kick in the pants. Her language may occasionally be colorful, but her love of life is what makes her colorful.

Seems to be a pattern of off color to the colorful people I know. But let’s move on…With that in mind, my other half has told me stories of a guy he knew many years ago who lived on the outskirts of the law. Never really did anything terribly bad, but he knew how to dance around situations so as to make life interesting.

He was like a guy in a John Wayne movie I recently saw, who appeared at the campfire with two horses and saddles for two guys in the gang that needed horses and saddles. John Wayne asked where the guy got the horses and the saddles and the guy, deadpan and straight faced said, “Found ‘em.”

Well this acquaintance I have heard about for years now seemed to always come up with extra car parts, tools and a long list of other things that he just — found. His exploits are still discussed around our table occasionally.

Now not all my colorful friends live life on the edge of badness. I must say that I know a very lively cosmetologist who loves to talk about her family like they should become a Saturday morning cartoon.

A doctor I had once would wear his mud and cow poop caked cowboy boots into the ER when he was on call on the week-ends.

But the topper? I have met two different men in my life, unrelated to each other, that reported to me that they each had done brain surgery on themselves, in their own kitchens. Yes two. Really!  Now that’s colorful.

These are just a very few of the colorful people in my life. I’m pretty sure in some circles that I may be lucky enough to be a colorful person in someone’s life. At least I hope I am. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings a bit to know that at some time, somewhere by someone my name is batted around a table or two.

Now it’s not like I wait on the corner for some colorful soul to cross my path. It is also not like I travel in only the weird lane of life. I really do have normal people in my life, as I am sure we all do. But there is a side of me that just loves to meet everyone and knowing that, I relish each conversation I have like it is a big old juicy rib eye steak. Oh must be close to dinner time…

Enjoy everyone in your life. You never know how long you will be remembered. I still remember my kindergarten teacher. That was many, many years ago. She had dark hair and wore the longest ringlets I have ever seen. When she walked across the room they bounced like they were the springs in a jack in the box. Oh Jack-in-the-Box, yep, it’s dinner time…

Trina lives in Eureka, Nevada. Her book ITY BITS is on Kindle. Share with her at