roping3roping1The White Pine Jr. & High School Rodeo was held last weekend at the fairgrounds. Following are the results of the competition.

High School Barrel Racing: Teanna Green – 12th place Jaice Robinson – 13th place Shay Zeman – 20th place Tabitha Hamilton – 25th place Morgan Lester – 29th place Madison Panagopoulos – 35th place High School Pole Bending: Teanna Green – 13th place Tabitha Hamilton – 14th place Morgan Leater – 20th place Jaice Robinson – 23rd place Shay Zeman – 36th place High School Breakaway Madison Panagopoulos – 17th place Teanna Green – 26th High School Trap Shooting: Tyler Whipple – 1st place Tyler Carson – 3rd Place .22 Caliber long rifle: Tyler Whipple – 1st place Jr. High Barrel Racing: Maggie Wines – 10th place Kelsey Adamoli – 17th place Jr. High Pole Bending: Kelsey Adamoli – 18th place Khloe Keppner – 20th place Maggie Wines – 21st place Jr. High Goat Tying: Khloe Keppner – 17th place

Sunday – High School Barrel Racing: Jaice Robinson – 9th place Teanna Green – 12th place Madison Panagopoulos – 22nd place Morgan Lester – 23rd place Shay Zeman – 33rd place Tabitha Hamilton – 36th place High School Pole Bending: Jaice Robinson – 6th place Shay Zeman – 10th place Teanna Green – 21st place Tabitha Hamilton – 23rd place Morgan Lester – 25th place Jr. High School: Barrel Racing: Maggie Wines – 8th place Khloe Keppner – 16th place Kelsey Adamoli – 21st place Pole Bending: Maggie Wines – 12th place Kelsey Adamoli – 15th place Khloe Keppner – 18th place Girls Goat Tying: Maggie Wines – 13th place Khloe Keppner – 18th place .22 long Rifle: Ryan Lester – 5th place

High School Average standing: Barrel Racing: Jaice Robinson – 9th place Teanna Green – 10th place Morgan Lester – 26th place Shay Zeman – 27th place Tabitha Hamilton – 30th place Madison Panagopoulos – 33rd place Pole Bending: Jaice Robinson – 11th place Teanna Green – 13th place Tabitha Hamilton – 16th place Morgan Lester – 24th place Shay Zeman – 28th place Girls Breakaway Madison Panagopoulos – 22nd place Teanna Green – 29th place Jr. High Barrel Racing Maggie Wines – 8th place Kelsey Adamoli – 16th place Khloe Keppner – 25th place Pole Bending Kelsey Adamoli – 14th place Maggie Wines – 16th place Khloe Keppner – 19th place Girls Goat Tying: Khloe Keppner – 16th place