The article about Ely City Attorney Charles Odgers past record as an attorney contained numerous errors.

In a item dealing with a Northern Nevada discipline, the Bar Council Report of September 2012 showed the discipline ended with a public reprimand and then transitioned to another lawyer who was disciplined by Northern Nevada Disciplinary Board. Odgers was never subjected to a Northern Nevada disciplinary board issue or investigation.

The article also failed to report that Odgers’ discipline with the State Bar is now over, as of June this year. The article also stated he was forced to leave Las Vegas, which wasn’t the case.

The article also had incorrect information of Odgers’ arrest. His arrest was based upon a bench warrant that was issued without legal cause.  Moreover, the day he missed court and was arrested was because he was so ill and could not attend a trial. Odgers had called the court through his office to report his illness, which is standard protocol. The judge acknowledged the error and ordered the matter sealed. The State Bar was immediately notified.

Lastly, Odgers was not paid to assist the County District Attorney’s office. He had informed the City Council that the District Attorney’s office was down one attorney due to a medical issue and was looking at potentially dismissing cases because of the workload. The cases he did were limited and at no cost to the county or the city.