White Pine High School welcomes home Alumni from over the years to participate in the joys of Homecoming 2016! This year the White Pine High School Student Council would like to invite the Alumni and future Alumni of White Pine High School to participate in the annual Homecoming parade, tailgate, pep-rally, and the final Football game of the year! The Homecoming tradition not only rallies the school together but also the community and former students of said high school. Now as times have changed so has the tradition. No longer are the Alum allowed at the dance but they are always and will always be welcomed to mud-tug-a-war, the parade, and in the grandstands during the last Football game of the year. This year Student Council has planned many fun events for the community and for the students.

Starting Monday October 17 and ending October 22:

October 17: Netflix Binge Day (PJ DAY). 7pm Mud-tug-of-war behind the football field. (Open to the Community to view)

October 18: Partners in Crime Day (TWIN DAY). 7pm “The Goonies” movie night! In the WPHS Drama Room (HS students only)

October 19: Superhero-Supervillain Day. 7pm Powderpuff Football WPHS Field (Open to the Community to view)

October 20: NO SCHOOL! 7pm Machoman Volleyball in the WPHS Gym (Open to the Community to view). 9pm: Bonfire.

October 21: 11am Parade starting at Broadbent Park to WPHS Parking lot! 12pm Tailgate and Pep Rally @WPHS 7pm: Football game WPHS Football Field (Open to the Community)

October 22: 8pm: Homecoming Dance (HS students only)

We would love to see everyone out to show your support all week! Let’s go Bobcats!