By Desiree Barnson

Interim Director

The holiday season will not be as bright for many, but more so for those that have been out of work and struggling to meet their most basic needs. As well as for our seniors just trying to meet the increasing cost of medication, food and heat. This alone puts them over their small retirement budgets.

Through generous donations last year, 50 adults with 71 children, and 49 seniors and disabled families received food vouchers for the holidays. The vouchers were redeemable at Anderson’s Foodtown. Anderson’s delivered to those seniors that were unable to shop on their own. The vouchers were received with enthusiasm and appreciation from seniors ad families alike. The vouchers proved to be perfect for the seniors. They were able to purchase just the items needed or wanted.

There is limited available space for food. This year we will not be receiving the food from the Boy Scout Food drive, but encourage everyone to set out food so it can go to the local food bank. The local food bank has become such an asset to this community since it was founded. We would like to have them retain the food they receive through food drives. This will insure a full pantry going into the winter months to assist those in need. Need has no age limits and neither does the food bank.

Last year, through the combined efforts of Mt. Wheeler Power’s Santa’s Elves Program, this office, and our outstanding community, toys and clothing from “Santa” were provided to the children. This year again we have committed to providing underwear, socks and pajamas for all the children. We are providing the necessities and Food Vouchers while others are providing the toys, outfits and the excitement that comes with Christmas. The younger ones are always thrilled by the magic of Christmas.

Community participation is the stability necessary for making the holiday season a success. With the financial crunch affecting us all, I’m hoping you will consider assisting with this project. Our goal is to raise the funds to again issue Food Vouchers and the needed underwear and socks for children. The budget to provide these things is approximately $4,000.00. If more is raised, additional necessities will be included. I appreciate your consideration of this request. Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions on improving our Christmas Program.

White Pine County Social Services, 297 11th St. East, Suite 7, (775) 293-6528.