Learning Bridge’s Principal Sedlacek  recently graduated from Grand Canyon University where she earned a masters degree in Administration.  FB_IMG_1477364864662.jpg

Mrs Sedlacek was born and raised in Ely, where she attended Sacred Heart Elementary  and graduated from White Pine High School in 1998.

She recieved her Bachelors in Education from Saint Mary’s College in Oakland California.  Upon her college graduation she returned to White Pine County to teach.  She is married and with her husband Joe are raising three children.

She is a consummate  professional as she works to make sure the  student’s success, future and happiness is at the forefront. Mrs. Sedlacek’s ability to be an educational leader is evident as she engages herself in all facets of Learning Bridge’s programs: From fixing a young child’s boo-boo, to coordinating student council activities and engaging staff and parents in educational stategies.

Learning Bridge’s entire family congratulates  Mrs. Sedlacek on all of her accomplishments and a long and successful career.