By Kay Lynn Roberts-McMurry

It’s starting to get cooler, recent nights have already dropped into the teen temperatures and that means the heat must come on. Many Seniors rely on wood as their heat source, but lack the ability to physically get out and cut their own wood, split it, or haul it back home. This is where Simplistic Solutions comes in. Over the past few years, they have coordinated with Social Services and several volunteers to keep the seniors in our community warm.

Although there are no definite numbers it is estimated that they have been able to help 12-13 seniors with cords of wood in the past.

A lot of labor goes into this process. It’s gaining the wood permits, traveling out into the mountains, cutting wood, loading it, splitting the wood and then loading it back into a truck to deliver it to the Seniors. This past weekend, several volunteers worked to get this project going.  Jonathan Dishong says “the only heat source for many seniors is wood, and this is a very important program we like to keep going in order to help these seniors through the winter”.

A special thanks to Aaron Hansen, Andrew Young, Mark Van Tassell and his sons Matt, Mo and Mike,  Brian Reed, Ruben Perez,  and Geri Wopschall for all their help.  Simplistic Solutions still needs your help tho with delivering wood.

Please contact Jonathan Dishong at 775-289-8040 for additional information. If you are a senior and you are in need of wood for this winter, please contact Social Services at 775-293-6528.simplistic-solutions-pic-1-1