Coach Tylar Laity

Girls soccer coach

The White Pine High girls soccer team did what only two other teams in the state of Nevada in girls soccer have ever done, finish a regular season unbeaten.

“It wasn’t easy, they pushed hard though all season long.” said coach Tylar Laity. “Playing two games every weekend brings up many challenges, back to back days of 80 minute games, sometimes after a 6 hour bus ride. These kids are having a fairy tale type of season. It is hard enough to go five games without a loss, (a previous record of consecutive games unbeaten for the Ladycats) but these girls somehow pulled off 22 straight.”

The Ladycats aren’t number one heading into the divisional tournament this weekend though, they fell just short of Whittell in the standings. “The tie against Fernley is what got us, if we would have finished off that game with a win, we could have won the league,” said Sam Gamberg.

White Pine (11-0-3 in league play) finished with 36 points in the standings just two behind Whittell who ended up with a league record of 12-0-2.

This past weekend the Cats hit the road for their longest road trip of the season, starting off with a match against Yerington.

The Ladycats scored just 46 seconds into the match. From there White Pine did not let up until the halftime whistle blew and the score was 7-0. “

The second half was controlled by the Cats who scored just once in the second half, this time by a senior defender who got the chance to move up to forward. The game ended at 8-1 with all of the goals and assists spread out amongst the entire team.

Saturday morning was the game to decide who would get to claim the league title against Whittell.

White Pine got the first shot off just 30 seconds into the match, but it was saved. The Warriors answered back just minutes later with a goal. After half the Cats had a corner kick just 2 minutes in, a great ball from Gamberg directly at the front post caused a Warrior defender to move out of the way and Trace Deeds was there to finish. The score wouldn’t change for the remainder of the time.

The Ladycats will head into divisions today in Winnemucca facing a school three times their size in population.