To the Voters of White Pine County,

I Richard Carney am endorsing Rusty Lewis for County Commissioner. I believe he will represent and protect White Pine County’s interests and assets better than the other two candidates running for that seat.

I personally know the current commissioner in this seat and I do believe he is not the right choice for White Pine County and the residents of White Pine County.

Please get out and vote on election day and remember to cast your vote for the candidate that will protect White Pine County, the White Pine County Golf Course and golf Pro Randy Long.


Richard Carney


As you go to the polls between now and November 8 there are some things that I would like to remind you about some of the reasons why my dad, Richard Howe, is the best person to serve as commissioner for White Pine

My pops had to grow up way too soon in WP County when he lost his dad when he was just 12 years old. Because of the kindness of friends, church, and community, he and his brothers were able to grow and appreciate the community as much as any family could. After losing an eye as a member of the U.S. Army then losing his younger brother Steven in 1969 he returned to White Pine County and has tried every day to give back, whether it was taking the extra time to take U.S. mail to the elderly’s front door or shoveling snow on his days off for parents of his friends who had left town.

During my childhood, when times were tough my dad worked very hard to make sure me and my friends had every opportunity for success, he coached us in Little League and Basketball and was always there to play catch or drive kids home after games/practice. He never asked for anything from anyone, and still doesn’t.

It wasn’t all roses for me, he made me earn my way and be accountable. He put me to work at the WP Golf Course, at 10 years old, making $1.85 per hour picking the range for Joe (which taught me a ton of lessons and wasn’t the easiest thing for a young kid). He has and always will love that golf course! The course is very personal to him, as it was a place where he and I, and he and his friends could go to get away from some of the difficult things of the day and just enjoy the company of those chasing the ball….

When times were hard on athletics in WPHS, he along with several others started the WP Boosters club to ensure all kids could afford meal money and athletic gear, and they even provided scholorships.

So, why is he the best candidate for WP County? Well its simple!

1. He works very hard and takes the Commission assignment incredibly serious. He doesn’t miss meetings and he studies the issues from all sides

2. He’s a “doer” …If you want something done….he will get it done. See the reunion and memorial committees about his work ethic

3. He is NOT a single issue guy…and if you are voting for someone that is about 1 thing then you likely are not capable of understanding how difficult the commission job is.

4. My dad believes that being a County Commissioner is very important and it should reflect the interests of every single member of the county, he doesn’t believe that 1 interest group is more important than another, regardless of his personal feelings.

5. He is a proud fighter and is the definition of what growing up and being from WP County are all about!

6. He will, as always, stand in the way of overspending and do his part to make sure that WP County is financially responsible.

If there is 1 thing you disagree with my dad on my guess is there are 25 that you agree.

Do the right thing on November 8 and vote for Richard Howe.

All the best,

Steven Howe

To the Editor:

The Fourth Grade at Aviston Elementary, located in southern Illinois, is learning about the United States and the different environments, climates, resources, and highlights found in each region. The kids in the class think it would be fun to receive postcards, souvenirs, resources, or any information about our great country from each of the 50 sates.

We hope that people who read this letter will be interested in mailing our class items pertaining to their state.

Our address: 4th Grade @ Aviston Elementary, 350 South Hull St., Aviston, Illinois 62216.

A sincere “Thank You” to anyone who is able to contribute! we appreciate the excitement you will add to our learning experience.

Mrs. Niemeyer