The monthly food distribution event at the Baptist Church had some very special guests last week. Members of the Ely Girl Scouts Club Oakley Campeauand Brekin Gazley (pictured), Quincy Mora and their mothers Candace Campeau, Hailey Gazley and grandmother Quincy Mora braved the cold weather to help give out food to those in need. With over 237 people standing in line, in bone chilling 26 degree temps to receive fresh food, the line moved very quickly. Many fresh food items such as cantaloupe, eggs, fresh fruit bowls were distributed in addition to   non-perishable food items. This particular food distribution has been in operation for over 2 1/2 years now. Many volunteers collect the items during the distribution and deliver them to their neighbors or family members who are unable to make it to the event. The next food distribution is scheduled for January 6th. If you would like to volunteer, or receive more information about this please contact Geri Whopschall at 775-293-0382.