By KayLynn Roberts-McMurray 

Fifty years ago, the city council had quite a list of items on their agenda that we thought you might find both interesting and a great reflection of how things used to be in December of 1966.

The city council was faced with several items on their agenda that included a request from bar owners for a equitable licensing arrangement by a request for extra store patrolmen from merchants during the holidays. Local merchants were advised by the council that police patrolmen would be checking stores on a non-scheduled spot check during the day to help keep down shoplifting as well as checking doors after hours as usual.

Members of the White Pine Bar Owners Association through Ray Priest, requested the council to revise the ordinance governing license fees for establishments selling liquor, on the grounds that bars now paid the highest fees, more than grocery stores, drug stores and service stations which also sold liquor.

The City Council was attempting to create recreational facilities for the youth. They were met with considerable frustration though according to councilman, Joaquin Gomez who told the council that the efforts of the city fathers to provide skating rinks as recreational facilities for the youth of the community was with great defeat, largely due to the hands of the youth themselves, who have, and are, misusing the ponds by breaking the ice before it firms up, throwing rocks on the surface and using one are for the terminal of a hillside coasting slide.

And if you were looking to do some Christmas shopping, you could hit Western Auto, one of the local stores that was here back then.