Submitted by Les Smith

Nevada Regional Director

ELY—Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) in Ely is fast approaching

Controlled Burn

the $1-million mark for net revenue, thanks to 30-years of hard work by the RMEF Ely committee and three decades of support from members, donors and guests at the Big Game Banquets.And, for nearly 30-years the RMEF has been quietly working in Nevada to ensure the future of elk, other wildlife and its

Guzzler Cathedral Canyon

habitat as well.  Much of that work has been done and a large share of the RMEF’s Nevada resources has been used in White Pine County There have been 16 water development projects, including the development and protection of natural springs and the construction and

Pinion Juniper

maintenance of drinkers that capture rain and snow, called guzzlers.  More than 44,600 acres of forest and rangelands have been rehabilitated using prescribed burns, pinion/juniper thinning, weed abatement and reseeding.   The total investment by the RMEF in White Pine County habitat projects is more than $1.2-million, with an additional $2.2-million coming from other partners, for a total of more than $3.4-million.  Most of these projects overlap the habitat and benefit a wide variety of wildlife, including sage grouse, mule deer, antelope and other game and non-game species.In addition to habitat projects, RMEF and its partners have brought more than $554,000 in wildlife management projects, $241,000 in habitat studies and $96,000 in support of hunting heritage and conservation outreach.  Key local partners have been Nevada Department of Wildlife, U.S. Forest Service – Ely, Bureau of Land Management – Ely, Barrick, KGHM Robinson, Midway Gold and a new partner at Bald Mountain Mine, Kinross.

Since the first Nevada project in 1988, RMEF has brought more than $17-million in land protection, habitat enhancements and conservation outreach projects into Nevada, including:

•More than $7-million in land protection and access Nearly $6-million in habitat projects

•More than $3-million in wildlife management and research

•Nearly $2-million in Hunting Heritage and conservation outreach programs

Nevada faces great challenges. An uncertain future for the sage grouse and mule deer, demands on our natural and water resources and attacks on our hunting heritage, threaten the outdoor lifestyle that we all treasure.

Nevada RMEF members and volunteers, are pitching in, along with more than 205,000 RMEF members nationwide, to meet these challenges.

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Help RMEF Ely make that million dollar mark.  Join our dedicated volunteers.

For more information about helping RMEF in Ely call Kathy Ricci (775) 293-0040 or Carol Carlock (775) 289-4286.