By KayLynn Roberts-McMurray 

The headline read “Kennecott Reduction Plant Hit by Morning ‘Wildcat” Walkout”. A brief ‘wildcat’ walkout at the Kennecott Copper Corporation plant in McGill was staged during the early morning shift that started at 6:00 a.m. and involved between 200-300 men. Company officials reported that normal work was resumed by 9:00 a.m.  The walkout involved union represented employees and stemmed from a dispute over the disqualification of an employee who had recently been hired. Company officials sat down with union leadership to set up an agreement on handling the grievance process.

Approximately 30-40 Ely residents joined the ranks of UFO “sighters” after viewing the mysterious green “polliwog-shaped” object in the evening sky over Ely. Several phone calls were received by staff at the Ely Times and the Weather Bureau station only to discover that the object came from rockets fired near Tonopah by the Sandia Corporation for testing of wind velocity and direction 50 to 100 miles above the earth. W.A. Herrick, a technician in charge at the weather station in Ely said he received over 30 phone calls with one excited caller saying “some sort of vehicle shoot out of the green cloud and went whirling across the sky”.

Ely native, Mike Fondi, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Fondi was selected by Ormsby County District Attorney Robert List as his deputy district attorney. Fondi was a former administrative assistant to Governor Grant Sawyer from 1963-1965. He graduated from Stanford University in 1969 and Hastings Law School in San Francisco in 1962. List was a classmate of Fondi’s at Hastings.

And with it being Wilson Bates 111th Birthday, we thought we should share one of the sales ads that Wilson Bates had back in December of 1965. Happy Birthday Wilson Bates.