To the Editor:

The Loran W. Deming family expresses their deepest appreciation for the continued support and love throughout the years from friends, co-workers, the medical profession, the many community resources that assisted our father in his declining years, and those who have and continue to reach out to our mother.  There is no place like White Pine County for caring for their own.

Ruth Rolland

Henderson, NV

To the Editor:

On Christmas Eve,  I was taking my dogs for their nightly walk. It was cold, snowy but beautiful and very quiet, when a woman, yelled at the top of her lungs, “the City Crews are F—ING Lazy!” I did not know who this woman was and I did not respond to the vulgarity, until now.

I was taken back by the comment as the City crews had been out plowing since 2 am that morning and continued working all day long, all 36 miles of city roads.

In preparation of winter, we have staggered shifts to give better service and save on overtime, we also have purchased a new snow blower which will remove the snow so much faster than a loader and truck, again saving taxpayer dollars and make winter a little more bearable.

On Monday, Dec. 26, Carl and the Water Dept. answered to a water main break on the terrace in the early morning hours, it also was -11 degrees.

Those gentleman worked all day long in the cold, trying to restore the water to the neighborhood.

In the past week, we have had plows down for repairs and Dave and his crew are working tirelessly to get them back on the road ASAP.

Bob Sweitzer, City Administrator, keeps all City Officials informed,  at all times , of activity with the Road and Water Departments so we can relay information to Citizens when asked.

There are those, that are never happy and constantly complaining, who wouldn’t be happy if they were run over by a NEW SNOW PLOW……City Crews, LAZY, I don’t think so…

Mayor Van Camp