By: KayLynn Roberts-McMurray 

Excessive amount of cardboard at the landfill.

Close to a year ago a recycling center was opened at the City Landfill. Owner of J&M Trucking, Tony Locke was a huge contributor to this project, investing over $50,000 in bins alone to help with the project to get White Pine County residents interested in recycling. But, as efforts to be more proactive in recycling have been encouraged, the City Council has put on their agenda for tonight’s meeting to discuss the possibility of a gate assessment fee of $10.00 per incident when Landfill users fail to deposit cardboard into the Recycling section of the landfill.

City Councilman, Bruce Setterstrom has asked for this item to be placed on the agenda for discussion. It is reported that corrugated cardboard is taking up over 18% of the space at the landfill, that comes mainly from commercial businesses. So who exactly would this assessment fee affect? A local resident who drives up in their truck with a truckload of trash containing some cardboard items such as a cereal box, or detergent boxes, or maybe even a cardboard box from an order from Amazon? A business owner who hauls out their own trash in trailers to the landfill? And, what about Ely Disposal Services who does trash collection for customers in the Ely, Ruth, Lund, Preston and McGill?  Ely Disposal Services is not affiliated with the City dump, so it would have to be decided on how the City would go about charging them an assessment fee, when their trucks collect all trash, and deliver it to the landfill in their trash compacting trucks.

Recycling of metals has been a huge success, and they have just began recycling efforts on plastics and cardboard. But with an assessment fee of $10.00 this may encourage or discourage locals to drop their cardboard items off at the recycling center, revert to burning it at home, or worse yet, dumping it in the hills which is illegal.

The City Council meeting is schedule for 5:00p.m. at the Ely Volunteer Fire Hall, 499 Mill Street. Public comment will be encouraged for this topic.