By KayLynn Roberts-McMurray   

15 Years ago – Engine No 93 went to the Olympics. The cost was over $90,000 to get the train there and back. It was lifted by a crane, hoisted onto a truck and sent on a caravan to Heber City, Utah.The train carried passengers to and from the Olympic events, the NNRY passenger cars were also part of the “flame” train, which helped transport the Olympic Torch to its final destination on February 7th, 2002. Eight Shoshone Sage Dancers were also going to the Olympics to perform in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. They were invited through the Goshute tribe with the assistance of Christine Steele.

5 Years Ago –  Fire and Ice made a return after a 1 year absence. This event was even mentioned in a magazine called Via, that increased exposure for White Pine County. White Pine aquatics facility was on schedule to be completed by fall of 2013.  For many residents having a year-round pool was a desire that had gone unfulfilled through the years, but with the Commission approving a budget of $7 million for the facility and SH Architecture working on finalizing details of the design dreams were starting to come true. BLM released its Record of Decision (ROD) for the Southern Nevada Water Authority’s pipeline project (SNWA). The ROD gave permission to the SNWA to build a pipeline to transport water from valleys in Lincoln and White Pine County. The State Water Engineer had approved plans to draw nearly 84,000 acre feet of groundwater from valleys in Lincoln and White Pine Counties. The BLM’s ROD would allow the pipeline to transport that water to Southern Nevada, that Abigail Johnson, President of the Great Basin Water Network said shows a less than ideal state of affairs for the BLM. Though the BLM’s ROD gave permission to the SNWA to construct the pipeline, it did not mark a final resolution.