Courtesy photo
Firefighter watches over slash piles as they burn.

It wasn’t the snow or near freezing temperatures that cancelled last Thursday’s burning of slash piles near Cedar Pass in the Kern Mountain Range, northeast of Ely.  It was the rain.

“Snow isn’t an issue because it’s frozen and doesn’t saturate the wood.  Rain, unfortunately, does,” said Rob Frisk, fire management specialist for the Bureau of Land Management’s Ely District.

The scattered piles of pinion-pine and juniper are the remnants of an approximately 450-acre tree-thinning project completed in 2015 as part of the Kern Mountain Landscape Restoration Project.  The restoration project is one of more than a dozen such projects underway districtwide that combine various treatment methods to restore watershed health and improve wildlife habitat, and reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire in eastern Nevada.

Frisk said the BLM would try again to burn the slash piles.  “Weather depending, we hope to conduct the burn in the near future,” he said.