As part of National School Choice Week, Learning Bridge and White Pine Community members participated in a K-8 Career Day.  Students rotated through the different stations discovering facts about the different careers and how to prepare educationally for them. Students were encouraged to dress as a career they might be interested in. The different organizations  and individuals that participated were as follows.: Mayor Van Camp representing small businesses; Narisha Heider representing Images Photography; Ross Rivera Ely Fire Department; Scott Giles and Heath Korell representing Nevada Department of Wildlife; Shasta Beckwith representing home health/nursing, Betsy Lopez real estate; Thomas Brunson had a booth describing his guide/taxidermist business; Tony Sifre representing Tribal police; Jen Hollingsworth and Tony Gilbert represented EMS and Learning Bridge’s volunteers, who are employed in the home and volunteer at the school had a booth entitled  “Stay at home Moms”. Amy Reed, Christina Poplin, Rachel Gubler and Caryn Hellman manned this very popular booth. They emphasized all the jobs and responsibilities stay at home parents do, which allows them to volunteer in the community such as being the coach, chauffeur organizer banker and baker.

Principal Kristy Sedlacek would like to thank all who participated in Learning Bridge’s first Career Fair.