ELY—The Nevada Northern Railway Museum offers a truly unique opportunity for photographers to bring their cameras back in time, taking shots of historic railway equipment in a spectacular and authentic setting.

The Winter Steam Photo

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Spectacular caters specifically to photographers, drawing shooters from across the country to come and take spectacular photos of historic steam engines, railroad equipment and buildings against the beautiful backdrop of Nevada in winter. Pictures taken at this event regularly win awards in photography competitions.“This is a world-class photo opportunity, and participants walk away with pictures that rival the best you see in magazines,” said Mark Bassett, president of the railroad museum. “Steam engine 93 looks good in August, but on a frosty February day, it is incredible with tall plumes of steam!”

Organizers offer tips, guidance and set up studio-quality lighting for the night photo shoot on Friday. Photographers with a wide range of experience get the most out of the event and take some of the best shots they’ve ever taken.

Nevada Northern Railway’s perfectly preserved engines, rolling stock, buildings and remote setting make for authentic photos that perfectly capture the era when railroads ruled the west. Touted as one of the most complete, authentic and cared for historic railroad sites, the entire complex was made to be in pictures. The site is home to an original depot and office building, engine house, freight station, working machine shop, and coal and water towers.

The winter weekends not only thin out crowds but offer the possibility of billowing clouds, a shimmering coat of snow and extra big plumes of steam from the steam engines, making it the perfect time of year to capture a special shot. Rapidly changing weather is perfect for a range of pictures to take home at the end of the trip.

Two weekends, Feb. 10-12, 1017 and Feb. 17-19, 2017, are scheduled for Winter Steam Photo Spectacular events, starting at $395 for members.

To find out more about the event, see photos, video and to reserve a spot, go to www.nnry.com/pages/photoshoot.

About the Nevada Northern Railway:  The Nevada Northern Railway Museum is a designated National Historic Landmark.