The staff of SVHS is proud to announce the student of the month for December 2016, Cameron Holmquist.

Cam is a junior at SVHS.  He moved to Ely about six years ago and lives with his grandma. He enjoys playing Playstation games and his favorite game is Metal Gear Solid. He has always wanted to own his own business and be his own boss. He wants to one day get his pilot’s license.  He likes all seafood, including sushi and fried octopus. He is also a Saints fan.

Cam’s attendance has improved immensely and is one of the reasons he has been chosen as the Student of the Month.

Cam transferred from WPHS to Steptoe Valley High School in January 2016. Cam likes SVHS’s atmosphere and the staff to student ratio.

His favorite class is History, because it is fun to learn from the past and it is a great class in general.

He also likes going for walks to Broadbent Park with Mr. Pantello and the class for PE. Cam’s favorite quote is, “a carmello for Mr. Pantello.” – Cam.

He is proud to be a “Stepstudent” and is looking forward to his senior year.

We are all very proud of his accomplishments.  He has been a great addition to our school and we have learned from him as much as he has learned from us.