Kay-Lynn Roberts-McMurray photo
Jared Bunch files for Ely City Council Seat 3 on Friday.

By Kay-Lynn Roberts-McMurray

The Ely Times

With only an hour left before the filing date closed, the City Hall became a packed house this past Friday.

Several people showed up to file for three city council seats that are up for election this June. Family and friends joined the candidates to show their support while they completed their paperwork to file for one of the seats. Up until Thursday only one person had filed to run for one of the seats.

Bruce Setterstrom re-filed for his seat, and Ernie Flangas and Rick Stork also filed to run for Seat 1. Pat Robinson will be vacating seat three, and Jared Bunch, George Chachas and Anthony DeFelice have filed for this particular seat.

Sam Hanson re-filed for his seat, and became the only candidate, making him unopposed. Many of the candidates had the same idea in mind for the city council, and that is, to work together.

“I know that what I have learned along the way so far, and that is, one of the best ways to make a difference and impact the community, is by getting involved,” Bunch said.

Candidate Ernie Flangas said, “We have allowed our downtown area to deteriorate, like it’s been forgotten, and there is a lot that can be done to make it better. If we work together than we can do something that’s very beneficial for our community.”

Each seat is a four-year term. The primary is scheduled for Tuesday, April 4, and the general election will be on June 6.