Submitted by Captain Scott Henriod WPCSO

As Deputy Sheriff’s perform their duties throughout the day one of the things everyone takes notice to is when they stop a vehicle on a traffic stop.

As the driver of the vehicle that is being stopped here are few things that you should do to keep yourself safe as well as the Deputy.

First, pull your vehicle over to the right of the roadway and turn your hazards lights on. Stay inside your vehicle, do not exit unless the Deputy asks you to.

The Deputy will make contact with you and explain to you why he has stopped you. The Deputy will ask you for three items, first will be your driver’s license, second will be the registration for the vehicle you are operating and third will be the proof of insurance for the vehicle. Once the Deputy has gotten those items from you he will check to make sure they are all valid.

The Deputy will then issue you a citation or warning for the violation he has stopped you for. If you receive a citation the Deputy will explain the citation to you and provide you a copy of the citation.

Once the traffic stop is completed the Deputy will return to his vehicle and wait for you to proceed back onto the roadway. I hope by explaining how this encounter takes place it will take some of the confusion out of the process.