If I were Queen of the world I would… How would you finish that sentence? If you are of the male persuasion please insert King in place of queen. I’m an equal opportunity dreamer.

Even though there are more things than I can count on my fingers and toes that I would either change, have done or make happen, today it is all about hair. For instance, why does there seem to be such a big difference in the amount of money spent on keeping hair growing than there is on making it go away from places that there should be no hair? Let that sink in, then think of this… Eyebrows. Too much, too little, yep, that is where I want to go today.

You know who had iconic eyebrows? Grouch Marx. He had these big, black, hairy mud pies over his eyes. He made a mint by being able to raise one or both of his furry friends. Of course his mustache, voice and quick wit also helped to put him on the map. But those eyebrows… They were like they had a life of their own. (Feel free to Google him and see!) That being said, in everyday life having a couple of caterpillars growing over your eyes might not be the thing to do. I’m just saying.

Eyebrows seem to have made a comeback recently. At least I have noticed them more. It started when I saw a commercial about a new eyebrow make-up apparatus. I remember eyebrow pencils. Lightly used to fill in spots in brows that seem to have bald spots, or to lightly shape the over the eye area after plucking. (Really, if you wanted hair there why did you pluck them?)  This thing I saw is an eyebrow brush filled with color, like mascara is used for eyelashes.  But this is for eyebrows. Eyebrow mascara. Specifically for eyebrows. Make them darker, more prevalent, bigger, fuller, and bushier.  Use it just like mascara, run it in and out of the holder, making that squishy, sucky sound, then brush it across your brows making them as big and dark as you want. Honest! Now when it rains not only does your mascara run but your eyebrows melt and cause rivers of waxy color running down the curves of your face. That’s attractive!

I have, as you can see if you have met me, not taken the best of care of my eyebrows. They are just there, on my face, living their simple eyebrow lives. They are two separate entities on my face, thank goodness. But I don’t pluck or shave or add to my brows. I don’t like pain and I have seen the look of pain on reddened browed faces of friends and ladies at the salon that have had plucking or waxing done. Yeouch! However, I have seen some really nice looking brows. Some ladies can pluck to make brows that are fine lines that arch just right. Nice looking, expression causing, lines of hair that raise up and down in sequence or separately as their mood changes. Quite unique.

But way over on other side of the spectrum there is a new, or what I perceive as new, trend to make eyebrows bigger, fuller, more distinct, prominent and yes more Groucho Marx like. Just as the eyebrow “mascara” has come on the scene, new eyebrow pencils are here too. Making brows bigger, bolder, browner or blacker. Now I am all for making you feel good about yourself, but not to the extent that when my when face meets your face the biggest thing I see are these big ole, drawn on mushroom caps over your eyes! Chances are that your natural brows are just fine. You might try to just go with what you’ve got.

Make-up seems to make circles in life. Cleopatra painted her face quite extensively. Marc Anthony seemed to appreciate it. A lot! In the movie anyway. I wonder though, would he would have enjoyed her if she didn’t paint her face on. When I look at what is perceived as being what she looked like all I see are these huge black framed eyes and eyebrows painted so that look like they could reach out and grab the last muffin off the plate at the courtesy brunch table on a movie lot. Eyebrows can, if you’re not careful, take on lives of their own.  Muffin munching eyebrows, now there is a visual!

Remember the second golden rule, “everything in moderation.”  If you don’t know the first golden rule, well go out, learn and follow that one too.

Trina lives in Eureka, Nevada. Her book ITY BITS can be found on Kindle. Share with her at itybytrina@yahoo.com