Courtesy photo
Sheldon on the train.

In the most recent episode of the “The Big Bang Theory,” that aired on February 7th, the main character, Sheldon, is headed to the Nevada Northern Railway to “Be the Engineer.”

After discovering this news, the Nevada Northern Railway decided to welcome Sheldon and Amy (the characters from the show) with a video they posted to Facebook…and also offered a promotion for their “Be the Engineer” experience. It was a quick promotion that expired Friday (Feb. 17.); but anyone can still book a trip to “Be the Engineer.”

Since the museum posted their welcome video on Facebook and since the mention of the museum on the show, Mark Bassett, museum director, says they have done as much business this past week as they do during a week in July.“Being mentioned on the show has rippled through our organization — our Facebook post now hit 100,000-plus views as if by magic,” said Bassett. “It was fortuitous that we received the mention and we have been having fun with it. This is a great way to start our 30th anniversary celebration year.”

ABOUT BE THE ENGINEER:Be the Engineer – After getting the safety and operations lowdown (on either the vintage steam or diesel locomotives), guest engineers are put at the throttle of the iron horse (with an engineer mentor), opening her up on the original railway mainline, controlling the throttle, brake, and, yes, even the whistle.