Submitted by Captain Scott Henriod WPCSO

Most people when they hear the phrase dangerous drugs immediately think of substances such as methamphetamine, cocaine or maybe heroin. Although those are substances that can harm you, lead to addiction or possibly cause death one of the most abused substance is prescription drugs.

Some prescription medication can also lead to addiction and if not taken properly can lead to death.

All medications should be kept in a place that is secured and not accessible to children or curious teenagers.

The Sheriff’s Office takes several theft of medication calls every month. The reporting party on these calls usually report that there medication was stolen while friends or family members were in their homes.

Medications once again should not be left in places where it can be seen or easily obtained by individuals who have no legal right to the mediation.

If you are no longer taking the medication or it has expired the Sheriff’s Office has a medication drop box. It is located in the lobby at the Public Safety Building and easily accessible.

Once the medication is collected or dropped off it is incinerated. The Sheriff’s Office encourages the use of the drop off box to make sure that the medication is properly disposed of.