Submitted by Captain Scott Henriod WPCSO

Several weeks ago I wrote the Captains Corner on scams that were taking place in the White Pine County area. One of the scams I wrote about had to do with people getting phone calls and the caller claiming he was from the IRS.

Over the past week I have spoken to several concerned citizens about them receiving similar phone calls from individuals claiming to be from the IRS and demanding money.

I believe with tax season upon us the callers have gotten more aggressive. The caller usually indicates that the person they are calling needs to immediately pay for delinquent taxes or some form of bill owed to the IRS. The caller will even claim that a warrant will or has been issued by the local police department and they will be arrested if they don’t pay.

I have reassured each person that I have spoken to that this is a scam. Never give out personal information such as your social security number, date of birth, or banking account information to a person soliciting that information over the telephone.

If you receive one of these calls discontinue your conversation with them. Don’t call them back, just hang up or block there number if they keep calling you.

You can always contact the Sheriff’s Office for assistance and reassurance that the caller was attempting to scam you out of you hard earned money.