The staff of SVHS is proud to announce the student of the month for January 2017, Hannah Randall.

Hannah is a sophomore at SVHS.  She is the middle daughter of Jennifer Robinson and has lived in Ely since the first grade. She likes to draw and her favorite tools to use are colored pencils. She also enjoys playing Playstation games and her favorite game is Fallout. Hannah wants to one day be a professional make-up artist and also be a photographer.

Currently, she likes to take pictures of nature and landmarks, including some great historic buildings throughout town. She is learning to play the Ukulele and already knows how to play the trombone and percussion. She wants to one day also be able to play the piano. Cooking is another favorite pastime of Hannah’s and pasta is her specialty.

Hannah’s attendance has improved immensely and is the main reason she has been chosen as the Student of the Month. Her attitude has greatly improved since the beginning of the school year and she is more focused on her work. She wants to achieve and be able to graduate.

She has been a student at Steptoe Valley High School since January 2016 and has done very well in her classes. Hannah likes that SVHS is different and that all of the students get to work at their own learning pace.  She also likes how the teachers are there when you need their help, but they’re not pushy. Her favorite class is World History because she likes learning about things that happened in the past and finds the changes throughout each generation fascinating.

We are all very proud of her accomplishments.  She has been a great addition to our school and we are looking forward to having Hannah as a student for two more years.