Submitted by Captain Scott Henriod WPSCO

White Pine County has some of the best volunteer groups you could ask for and in my opinion the Sheriff’s Office has one of the best.

The White Pine County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue is comprised of twenty three volunteers who donate their time, talents and equipment to help individuals in time of desperate needs. No matter what time of day or night, or weather conditions this volunteer group answer the call for service.

In 2016 the Search and Rescue team responded to 11 calls for assistance. Helping people who had gotten lost,  vehicles that had broken down on a rural county roadways or had gotten stuck due to bad road conditions or sometimes people just using  bad judgment and ending up is situations they need help.

The Search and Rescue team in 2016 trained with Great Basin National Park in cave rescue and this year has completed training in wilderness first aid and will receive training in man tracking and ATV operations. They are also working on a goal for national certification.

Detective Darren Wallace an employee for the Sheriff’s Office is the liaison for the Search and Rescue team. He meets monthly with the team and assists with the planning and facilitating on the call out events. The team advises groups and individuals before leaving to go out on their next outdoor adventure to leave a trip plan with a family member or a trusted friend letting them know where they will be and what time they will return and if you change locations let that person know.  Take extra food, water and warm clothes including a blanket and make sure your cell phones are charged.

If you would like more information on the Search and Rescue team or you have an interest in joining you can contact Detective Wallace at 289-8808