Do some rocks have the ability to make the world go around?

Yes, some rocks are worth their weight in gold-those would be golden rocks. Yes big ole golden nuggets. Then again some rocks are just rocks.

But put some of those plain rocks together in a line and drill some holes in them and string them on some wire or heavy thread and put a clasp on them and you have jewelry.

Rock jewelry. Hey, I bet I could make a mint by making rock jewelry. That is what I saw on a commercial recently. A lady that went to a stream, collected rocks, sized them just right, strung them and then, at what looked like some art fair, she was selling rock jewelry. I could do that.

No I couldn’t. And this is why. First of all I don’t have an eye for that type of stuff. I see a rock in a creek and instead of seeing a necklace I see a, well, a rock in the creek. I might however, if it was in the right spot and all the planets were lining up with my Zen and I could reach it, I just might look under it to see if it were hiding one of the aforementioned golden rocks! But for the most part to me a rock is a rock and not jewelry.  And I would not wear rocks as jewelry. Then it hit me…

Well Miss High and Mighty, you do wear rocks! Yes I do. They are these shiny, sparkly little things that are set in gold and are on the third finger of my left hand. Oh and as for a rock around my neck? Yep I have another one of those sparkly rocks on a chain hanging around my neck too. Nothing like the size of the ones on the commercial. If they were I would be able to afford to live in a nice house on the ocean listening to the surf and watch the gulls off in the distance… Back to earth girlie!

How often does this happen? Thinking that something I see would never be my cup of tea. I would never wear rocks around my neck. But I do. I would never color my hair. But I have. Three times and I really enjoyed seeing the results. Even though now that I think of it I wouldn’t do the same color scheme again. It was fun to put outrageous red streaks in my hair when I was younger. But if I did the color thing now I would be grown up and just cover the gray. Or not. I am lucky enough to have a great silvery gray coming in—EVERYWHERE! At least that is what I tell myself when I pick up the silvery threads that land on the bathroom counter when I brush my hair in the mornings.

Another, I wouldn’t do it thing, that I caught my haughty little self proclaiming that I would not do? I would never, ever put those silly plastic pink flamingos out on my lawn! Why would anyone do that? But if you go by my house, rain, shine, heat, cold, and even when there is snow up to their little black beaks, you will see two plastic pink flamingos standing on skinny rods for legs stuck out in my yard. And they move! Yes, when you least expect it they go from standing on a hill to crouched under a tree. Or off the lawn into the dirt and back again. And I like ’em!

Once when I had company and they brought their 5th wheel to visit for a few days I set the flamingos closer to their trailer each morning. Like my guests were being stalked—by flamingos. And when the guests left for home I put my plastic pink buddies out along the road as if saying, “See ya next time!”   When you find yourself thinking that you would never do something, or never be part of something take a giant step back and take a second look. We are here just a short, a very short time. So ya gotta love it while you’re here. Ya gotta smile at yourself. Ya gotta—well ya gotta just “Rock On!”

Trina lives in Eureka, Nevada. Her book ITY BITS is on Kindle. Share with her anytime at