By Nichole Baldwin

Recycling is a pain!

It’s inconvenient and you don’t want to be bothered to put that extra effort in to rinse containers and cans, separate recyclables from trash, break down boxes and take it all to the new Recycling Center.

Maybe you don’t have the space to recycle at home. Maybe your kitchen is small and the idea of adding another bin makes your eye twitch.  Or are you irritated that you don’t get paid for recycling?

Some countries fine people for not recycling. In fact, recycling is mandatory in thousands of US cities and towns.

If you think your city or county cashes in on your recycled goods, think again. There is no profit for recycling; the benefits are seen in the long run in terms of increasing the life of the landfill and savings to taxpayers for landfill expenses. Trust me when I tell you that recycling makes a difference.

It saves energy because the manufacturer doesn’t have to produce something new from raw natural resources.

By using recycled materials we save on energy consumption, which keeps production costs down.

Recycling reduces landfills and extends their lives.

Our own Ely Landfill has a limited life and its years are numbered.  When its life comes to an end, the burden will fall on you, the taxpayers, to fund the new landfill and where should we put it? Next to YOUR house or out by YOUR favorite place to hunt or recreate?

Recycling will preserve your rustic Nevada backyard and the habitat for the elk and deer you like to hunt.  It will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions by producing less carbon which is good for everyone.

Wait… Did you even know there was a new Recycling Center? It is conveniently located at the entrance to the Ely Landfill so all you have to do is swing by; drop your recyclables into the correct bins and WALLAH! Done.

They accept cardboard, clean/rinsed plastic containers, paper, and clean/rinsed aluminum & tin cans.

When it comes down to saving beautiful rural Nevada for our grandkids and future generations, is there any good excuse not to recycle?

Since January 2017 our local landfill has baled 50 bales of cardboard totaling over 60,000 pounds. That’s 30 tons of cardboard being recycled when 1 ton saves 390 kWh of energy, 1.1 barrels of oil, 6.6 million Btu’s of energy, and 270 cubic yards of landfill space.

Multiply that by 30 and see what can be done with a little effort.  What a difference recycling can make.

If I haven’t gotten you excited about recycling yet, just wait for the 2nd Annual Recycled Art Contest sponsored by Mayor Van Camp and the City/County Recycling Committee.

Make a piece of art from recycled goods and enter it from March 25th through the 31st at the White Pine County Museum and they will be judged on Earth Day, April 22nd.

There is $300 in cash prizes to be awarded so get busy with your recycled art submission today.  Contact Mayor Van Camp for more information.