Courtesy photo
The winners that were present last year at the event.

The White Pine County Tourism & Recreation Board will once again be hosting its Volunteer Appreciation Event.  Without the efforts of this community’s amazing volunteers we would not be able to have such great events as the Fair & Horseraces, the Art, Wine Walk, Arts in the Park, the Bathtub Races and so many more.

The Board would like to take the time to say THANK YOU. Due to conflicts with events already scheduled in the convention center, we will not be doing the booths on the train during White Pine Weekend in April. This year will be the dinner only with a little twist.

The date is Friday May 5th and the theme is Celebrating Our Volunteers. Décor and food will be a fiesta and we would love for everyone to get into the spirit of the celebration.

Bring your sombreros, maracas and ponchos. The night is sure to be a blast! Don’t take a siesta and miss out on this one. Register your organization before April 10th. You can register by contacting the White Pine County Tourism and Recreation Board at 150 Sixth St. calling 289-3720 or emailing Meg Rhoades at

The dinner is free and open to all nonprofit civic organization in the community but does require an advanced ticket. Groups should contact the office as soon as possible to reserve tickets as seating is limited. Each group may nominate their top volunteer for the year and an award will be given. Only one award per group is allowed. All attendees must 18 years of age or older.