Pictured: Mayor G.P. Etcheverry and Irly Cue, the City Street Superintendent discuss the clogged culvert.

By KayLynn Roberts-McMurray

75 Years ago – In 1942 a Sugar shortage created a government rationing of U.S. Supply. Special provisions were made to provide householders with sugar for home preserving and canning. A large amount of the sugar was being utilized for the manufacturing of high-test molasses from which alcohol was made for war needs. Nearly 2,000 people registered for Sugar Rationing in White Pine County. County Sugar Custodian Paul Hammock said 167 of those reporting had an excess of the allowable 6 pounds per person in reserve and therefore would not be granted ration books until the supply was depleted at the ration rate of a half pound per person every week.

50 Years ago: In 1967, Central Ely experienced a nasty flood as depicted in the picture below. Melting snow filled ditches and overflowed in Central Ely when the water backfilled behind 358 Ogden Avenue, where a culvert was clogged. Some damage to basements occurred and to many streets, yards and driveways. Debris was caught between an opening in the culvert and a man hole. Mayor G.P. Etcheverry requested residents to watch for rising water and to call the Sheriff’s office for crews to clear plugged areas.